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Best Guitar Wall Mount And Wall Hangers

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Displaying your guitar in the wall requires you only to not look at how pretty it will hang in there but you must also consider the safety and the stability of the mount. Most people would prefer wall mounts and hangers to showcase their guitar since it saves ground space and is pretty to look at.

Some do not trust this method and have constant anxiety about their guitar falling off of the wall. To be fully confident, a guitarist must know the different wall mounts and hangers to choose from and decide where he can have his confidence put on.

Here are some guitar wall mounts and hangers that are available online.

String Swing CC01K-BW


The cradle design of this hanger is deep enough to put your certainty on it. It would stop the instrument to be placed improperly since its hook is crafted to fit in any guitar. This item has padded rubbers which are friendly to guitar finishes so that it won’t scratch your precious guitars.

If you have a headpiece that has uneven or single heels then this guitar hanger would be able to accommodate it since it features a pivoting yoke to cradle your guitar.

You will not need more than a screwdriver to assemble this hanger since it is built for easy and quick installation. The base woodblock is constructed out of quality hardwood. Not only that it is fancy to look at but its usability and practicability are on point.

This guitar hanger has been bought and used by millions of guitarists all over the world for almost 40 years since its inception in 1983.

SNIGJAT Guitar Wall Mount


A premium guitar hanger that boasts a base that is made from top-class North American Black Walnut Hardwoods. Added with it are strong metal hooks with soft sleeves padded around it to protect your guitar from the unwanted scratches it may accumulate from daily use.

Great for people who are enthusiastic about collecting and displaying their guitars. The hanger features a V shape wall mount deep enough to hold any guitar and lessen the risk of stumbling.

It also has a long hook that would prevent your guitar from going against the back wall that may cause damage to the body of your beloved guitar. Works for guitars of any shape and form, doesn’t matter what the size is, this mount could hold on to it.

Another useful feature is that the yoke of this wall mount guitar holder is adjustable. Since it is rotating, this yoke can fit a multitude of stock designs, especially for that asymmetrically built guitar.

This wall hanger’s hook holder stands with different compatibility and can assist you to figure out all the difficulties of common guitar wall enthusiasts and can save you a lot of impractical costs.

This guitar holder also boasts a fancy-looking finish. It comes with longer screws and metal hangers. The purpose is not to only fix the guitar into it but you could also attach some decorations which can handle up to 20lbs. Free up space with this amazing equipment in your home or professional studio.

Sound Harbor Metal Wall Hanger


Time to put your priced guitar into wall art with this durable yet fancy guitar wall hanger. This sturdy frame is made of steel and will give you confidence that it will hold your guitar when not in use.

Its yoke is softly covered so it won’t leave a scratch on your guitar. Secured and safe, plus it will not live any imprint or unwanted patterns in your guitar.

The deep “U” pattern of this guitar makes the guitar comfortable and fit, making it hard to knock over. Great for any guitar shape and form, may it be and electric, acoustic, ukulele, etc. The price is reasonable and you will surely get a quality return on investment. Fitted to be put in your home studio or just in your living room if you want to showcase a priced guitar.

String Swing Multiple Guitar Wall Mount


A truly unique mount that can hold your precious guitar with you having the confidence that it won’t fall. It is unlike the other usual instrument hangers that we don’t know the quality and origin of, which can place the most beautiful instruments like Jackson, Yamaha, Ibanez, and Fender, in difficult situations, this one of a kind guitar hanger is a 100 percent and certified USA made using hardwood from America and supported by a structural warranty that will last you a lifetime.

This is all to provide the optimum structural safety and integrity. Which will assure you that even if you’re playing or not, your guitar is secured in trustworthy hands.

Even if it is safer when you transport your guitar in an instrument case together with the picks that you have, strings, strap, capo, and tuner, instruments are likewise made to be enjoyed while you display it on your wall to show to your friends even if you are currently not playing it.

This wonderful and reliable guitar hanger will make any kind of guitar a marvelous piece of art on the wall simultaneously keeping it in shape for your performance.

Bikoney Wooden Guitar Wall Mount With Pick Holder


This hanging guitar rack has filed a patent in the United States. Patented, this not only displays your gorgeous instrument, but it also has a platform for displaying various guitar equipment such as straps, tuners, guitar picks, guitar capos, and so forth.

Made from 100 percent real hardwood and finished with a torch polish, it has a primitive design and worn surface that will complement a variety of décor styles.

Installing the instrument hanging with bolts on a solid block will provide more stability. Appropriate for acoustic or electric guitar, mandolin, ukulele, and bass. A guitar hanger may allow you to place your instrument upon that wall, save up more room, keep your studio tidy so you can locate it easily, and it not only displays your instrument but also renovates your area.

Amazon Basics Guitar Wall Mount


Wall-mounted instrument rack for properly storing and displaying a guitar. It also has a black base that is round-shaped. Suitable for nearly any classic, acoustic, bass guitar, or electric.

The style that saves room; excellent for a small bedroom, studio, or house. Its wonderful black EVA exterior is coated with a black cushion that protects your precious guitar from scratches that may incur while resting it on this amazing rack.

This is the perfect guitar mount if you want to display your priced guitar seamlessly. Some guitar hangers may go overboard with their designs. But with this sleek and sturdy guitar hanger, you could never go wrong with it.

Hercules Guitar Wall Mount


The HERCULES GSP38WB PLUS which is an auto-swivel yoke hanger mechanically spins to serve multiple curved basses properly and securely. For usage at house or in the studio, it has a beautiful wood frame.

The auto-swivel yoke enables micro alterations whilst securely holding the piece in position and can fit a broader variety of instruments neck widths ranging from 40 mm to 52 mm which includes instruments like the acoustic, classic, bass, and our most beloved electric guitars.

The connected Narrow Instrument Neck Adjustment or what we call N.I.N.A. is particularly intended to enhance the width of the AGS arm to fit smaller neck instruments with a minimum neck thickness of 28 mm, such as mandolins and banjos.

What is the best way to hang a guitar on the wall?

Novice frequently worries that putting their new and even older guitar would put too much pressure on the neck area, causing it to collapse apart. This is due to the heavy underside design of your instruments. Luckily, your instrument’s neck and timber in general can withstand the strain and pressure of being hung. A guitar can withstand as much tensile strain as its mass.

In most situations, that would be approximately 10 lbs, which is within the proportional range of the oak. The best way to hang a guitar on the wall is first, you need to buy the amount that you can trust. You must buy a quality hanger, do not compromise with price over quality. Investing in a quality guitar hanger would greatly help you keep your guitar in shape.

And then you would want to attach it to the wall following the instructions on the item description. Sideways or standing doesn’t matter as long as you attach it to the wall sturdily. Lastly, if you want to put your guitar mount in a place where no one would lean on it. It is paramount that you keep your guitar in a safe place where no one could accidentally hit it.

What is the proper height to hang a guitar?

Because you’re unlikely to change the placement of your instrument once it has been mounted, it’s worth considering the significant factors now. So here are a few factors to look at: How much room does the instrument take up underneath it? (For example, can you place your guitar amplifier right behind your instrument?).

Do you have easy access to the guitar? Is the instrument within the little child’s range? (If applicable) Do you have enough space on the side to hang another instrument eventually if you so desire? Consider the position once you’ve decided on an appropriate height.

The optimum location for your instrument is determined by the aesthetic you choose as well as the type of surface. As previously stated, a stone wall is the toughest, next by mounting into steel bars, and last drywall.

How do you install a guitar mount?

Install the hanger once you’ve decided where you’d like to display your instrument. Usually, we install the hangers into a mounting board, however, the basic techniques are the same either you’re hanging in wall studs, brick walls, or drywall. To begin, align the frame and note the location of the slots.

Based on the rack, use a feeler gauge to maintain its level. When you’re putting a guitar on an inclination, place the main structure frame first, then locate the right location for the collar frame. After that, place the rack and secure it with screws. Once you can’t get the bolts beyond a particular point, the drilled area is far too small. The screw ought to be difficult but not impossible to drill to the end.

How do you hang multiple guitars on the wall?

There are several possibilities for mounting several instruments on the wall. You may install them separately. There are several configurations available, including staggered, angled, in rows, or horizontally.

This will look fantastic, and you’ll have complete control over how your instruments are arranged. However, for some guitars, you may have to rely on mounting straight into the wall, which will be less sturdy.

Alternatively, you may place a plank on the walls and then install the hangers-on on that plank. This has been the most effective technique to distribute the pressure of all of the instruments from across the wall.

It will produce an outcome in which the weight of numerous guitars is equally distributed over the wall, resulting in a better mount. It does, however, limit how you may organize your instruments. It does not appear to be as appealing as the other alternatives.

How do you space a guitar hanger?

To evenly space the hangers here are some tips: First, you would want to place your guitars on the floor to assess where you would put them. Putting the instruments out on the ground will surely enhance your sense of how they will appear on the board.

The distance across the tiers may be simply adjusted to figure out what works or doesn’t. Before you install the boards, make certain that you are completely satisfied with the elevations and differences across the two layers.

You wouldn’t want to get to the final instrument only to find you may not have enough room. After that start by putting the middle guitar first. This would ensure that the guitars would evenly space out across the board. To minimize problems, later on, prepare ahead of time and indicate positions.