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You Are Never Too Old to Learn How to Play the Guitar

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One of the most popular instruments in the US today is the guitar, thanks in large part to the influence of rock n’ roll. Though much has changed in the world of music in the decades since the Beatles and Beach Boys were on the airwaves, the guitar continues to be a preferred choice for musicians.

Whether you aspire to play on stage or in your own living room, you can learn how to play the guitar no matter how old you are. While it is true that the human brain is wired to assimilate more information when young, continuing to learn is not only possible but encouraged as you age.

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Of course, there is more to playing the guitar than fulfilling a brain exercise. The fact is that it can be a lot of fun and help you to understand and appreciate the world more thoroughly. After all, music is part of every culture. Deeper understanding of the guitar will help you to consider various aspects of the music you encounter.

Learn Online Or In Person?

You can either take personal lessons or group lessons in person if available in your community. Alternatively, you can find instructional books and videos that will guide you through learning how to play the guitar.

In addition to your personal preferences and finances, you will need to investigate the reputation of the instructor prior to investing any money in lessons. You can search online and read reviews left by previous students.

Find out what people liked and did not like. Weigh those facts against your own needs and personality. For instance, you might not be bothered by a foible that annoys some students.

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Where To Start

It is a good idea to learn some music theory while you are learning how to play the guitar. Although it is not essential to playing, if you want to take your studies further, you will need to know. The knowledge you gain will allow you to alter musical compositions with ease, something that can be quite helpful down the line.

Learn The Basics

While you are learning how to play, you should make sure that the lessons will include scales, chords, chord progressions and individual notes if you are interested in becoming proficient with the instrument. You can also find lessons that teach mainly chords. You will be able to play recognizable tunes quickly that way, but you will be limited in your ability to grow as an artist if you do not undertake the additional studies.

It is important that you practice every day if you want to get good. This will help to build up your fingertips, which is essential in the beginning. Once you have formed callouses, daily practice will ensure your fingertips do not soften.

Studying Theory

With dedicated practice each day to playing and studying theory, you can learn to play the guitar. As you progress, you can focus on playing the genres of music that you find the most enjoyable and entertaining.

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