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Best Acoustic Guitar Strings

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The strings on your classic or acoustic string guitar have a great impact on the quality of sound produced and the playability of your guitar. If you are lucky to have looked at Musician’s Friends great assortment of guitar strings, you have probably realized that there is a lot to take into account in determining the strings which are right for you and your musical instrument.

What Are Acoustic Guitar Strings?

Simply stated, acoustic guitar strings are the strings that go on your acoustic guitar. Since there are usually no amplifiers or pickups that contribute to the sound of an acoustic guitar, the acoustic strings normally have a bigger impact on the overall sound produced. This implies that the gauge and composition of acoustic strings must be carefully considered.

Most are usually made of copper-based alloys while electric guitar strings are made of steel and nickel. Copper is known to be a good metal for preserving the tone of your acoustic equipment while nickel works wonders with the electric guitar pickups. There is no specific reason why you cannot use nickel strings on your acoustic guitar if you feel the need to do so. However, it will not sound as good as using strings made from a copper based alloy.

Having has some insight, let’s proceed to discover the best acoustic guitar strings for your music needs.

1 – Elixir Strings 80/20 Acoustic Guitar Strings

pack of Elixir-Strings-80-20-Bronze

So far, Elixir strings are the best-selling acoustic guitar strings and they seem to be the favorite brand for a majority of guitarists. The reason behind this is that they last long since they are coated so that degradation and rusting occurs slowly. These guitar strings are normally constructed with 80/20 bronze wrap wire; that is 80% being copper and 20% being zinc. Better yet, these strings have an ultra-thin NANOWEB coating that provides the guitarist with a more traditionally textured and “uncoated” feel. Additionally, the nanoweb coating makes for a crisper and brighter tone for your notes. These guitar strings also boast of a patented coating that not only reduces noisy finger squeaks but also cuts down on an array of annoyances prevalent in uncoated acoustic strings.



2 – Ernie Ball Earthwood Light

set of Ernie-Ball-2146-Earthwood-Medium-Light

Another acoustic guitar string you do not want to miss in your collection is the Ernie Ball Acoustic string set. These guitar strings offer rich expressive sound without compromising the clarity of the sound produced. This acoustic string set is made in California and it features the finest and freshet materials the industry has to offer. With a composition of 92% copper, 7.7% composition of tin and 0.3% composition of phosphorus, this acoustic wire has a prolonged life and the strings remain as fresh as when they left the factory. In terms of tone, they sound great. They are also warm, nice, rich and clear with the perfect brightness for your taste.



3 – Martin M170 80/20


Martin is known for making exquisite acoustic guitars since the 19th century. These acoustic strings are manufactured with great attention to detail and this can be easily verified every time you strum them. These strings are extremely versatile and are perfectly balanced between bass and treble profiles. The sound produced is sweet and you can easily transition from clean and smooth to edgy and twangy depending on how you choose to pick them. These strings are made from phosphor bronze which means that they’ll last longer and will feel comfortable on your fingers.



4 – D’Addario Phosphor Bronze


D’Addario introduced Phosphor Bronze into string making back in 1974 and since then, this material has been associated with strings that provide a bright, warm and perfectly-balanced acoustic tone. These acoustic strings have a superior construction; they are precision wound with a corrosion resistant phosphor bronze onto a meticulously drawn, high carbon, hexagonally shaped steel core. This results in a bright, long lasting sound tone with perfect intonation. These strings come in packs of six and are packed in a corrosion-proof bag to ensure they do not oxidize with air. Better yet, these strings come with color-coded ball ends that indicate the right position to put the string.



5 – Vibe Strings


If you’re looking for strings that combine clear, bright sound with a warm, balanced and lasting tone for you to hear every note, then this product from vibe strings is what you need. The packaging is corrosion-proof with each string being properly numbered for easy restringing. The design of these strings is meant to facilitate comfortable play and they feel smooth and easy for both experienced and novice guitars alike. These acoustic strings are the epitome of durability and flexibility. They are easily bendable with a smooth feel for a unique and sustain-laden tone. Moreover, these strings settle in quickly with only a few re-tunings.