Best Acoustic Guitars Under $300

Finding the right acoustic guitar can sometimes be hard, especially when you are under a tight budget. The good news is that there are a couple of acoustic guitars that are worthy of your time and they cost less than $300. Below are acoustic guitars that you can find in that price range.

1 – Yamaha FG800

It is the successor to the FG700S, the number one selling acoustic guitar of all-time. One thing that stands out about Yamaha is that they are not trying to deliver a premium guitar at a low price. You will get a guitar that is proportional to what you are paying.
The neck is in every aspect basic, but also smooth and comfortable. The hardware design of the guitar is pretty basic, but it delivers in terms of quality. Their priority lies in a well-rounded tone over anything else. This makes it the perfect choice for people on budget or beginners.



2 – Epiphone Hummingbird PRO

This is a great guitar made by the Gibson subsidiary. This is an upgrade of the electro-acoustic version of Gibson Hummingbird, a classic steel-ring that was made famous by players including Lenny Kravitz, Keith Richards, Kid Rock, U2, and Sheryl Crow.
The guitar gives you the chance of plugging in and gig. The battery powered system provides versatile controls that include master volume, bass and treble controls, and also a mute button and control slider. It has a warm and rich tone, although it remains well-balanced through the registers.



3 – Recording King ROS-06 Classic Series

The size of the guitar may not be what you are used to seeing, but it is a full-sized acoustic instrument that is packed with a ton of volume. It has a historic “Golden Age” 000 design. It is made from a solid Sitka spruce top, and this helps in projecting a lot of bass and volume. The rosewood bridge has a pyramid shape that gives it an amazing look.
The first time you set your hands on the guitar you will get the impressions that you have a great guitar on your hands. It is amazing how you can get such quality for a tenth of the price.



4 – Ibanez AW54CE

Ibanez has continued to produce great guitars, with the Artwood series being one of the most common series, the AW54CE is the specimen of the series. It features a classic single-dreadnought body. The back and sides of the guitar have been laminated with mahogany, and the top is made from the solid mahogany top, a nice feature given how much it costs.
The guitar has a lovely rich tone and its body helping with natural projection and resonance. It has a limited number of controls, making the guitar a little less versatile



5 – Fender Alkaline Trio Malibu

Alkaline Trio is one of the most popular punk rock bands in the world with eight studio albums. This makes their signature acoustic guitar a good choice. Fans of the band will obviously be interested, but the guitar for the general player too.
The band was involved in the process, and not like many other products that celebrities just endorse. They had their say in the design of the distinctive guitar. It is entirely made of mahogany with the top being scalloped X. Despite having no electronics, the guitar has some impressive features. It comes with a GraphTech NuBone nut and compensated saddle, which is a better option than other choices such as plastic, delivering a clear and consistent performance and tone. The strings used are quality and you can expect them to last long. The small size of the guitar can make it lack a little volume but will be no problem for casual performance or practice sessions.



6 – Ibanez Talman TCY10

The guitar has a distinctive body shape and it is very affordable and has a lot to offer players, both pros, and beginners. The back and the sides of the guitar are made from laminated mahogany. The neck is also comfortable, made from mahogany and has a rosewood fretboard and 20 frets.
It has a sound bigger and fuller than you would expect from a guitar of that size.



7 – Cordoba C3M

The Iberia series has been made with a student in mind. The back and the sides of the guitar are made from mahogany. The “M” in the name stands for the Matte finish that shows the wood grain and makes the guitar resonates well. The tone of the guitar is very responsive and warm when you attack the notes.
Cordoba has perfected the art of making a quality guitar that is affordable. It delivers quality with the price range. It is a good option whether you are a beginner or intermediate.




Lucero has made a name for themselves in the classical guitar market by providing quality and affordable models that sound and look great. The Lucero LC230S is a good example of how they do this. It makes good use of solid and exotic wood. Many beginners will be attracted by the low-price tag, although intermediates and pros will be attracted to the unique tone and style. Even though it’s made in Asia, they go through a thorough inspection at Lucero’s headquarters in the United States. It has a greater resonance when compared to an all-laminate option. The guitar looks and feels like a model twice the price.



9 – Ibanez GA6CE Series

This guitar is part of Ibanez’s GA series. It is a good fit for players looking to indulge in a diverse experience that involves both electrical and acoustic sound elements. The manufacturers managed to pack a little into something so little, and the pricing being far much lower than you would expect. It is a good choice for both beginners and intermediate players. It has an internal Piezo pickup system that helps in adding new dimensions to the sound. It also has an onboard EQ system that gives you a wide range of tuning.



10 – Yamaha CGX102

It combines quality and affordability making it a great option for people on a tight budget. It shows an impressive degree of craftsmanship although it comes from a large factory. You can plug it into an amp directly. It offers an authentic classical guitar sound. It is simple to use and makes it the perfect fit for beginners. There is a reason why Yamaha is the leading guitar brand in the world, and that is the quality of guitars they produce.