Guitar Lessons Near Me – The Truth About Most Local Teachers


Are you looking for guitar lessons in your area?

If you are, here’s a good question to ask yourself:


It’s not 100-percent for certain, given that you might live anywhere, but the fact is, there’s not likely a good guitar coach in your community.

So, where do you find the good teachers?

Online. This is where you find most of the great guitar coaches teaching.

gone are the times of heading to another part of town for guitar lessons.

Private, in-person lessons are still out there, and some of them are honestly pretty good, but most players are going to get the most benefit from doing online lessons instead.

When you look at the various ways you can effectively learn to play the acoustic or electric guitar, then you’re going to find online lessons have numerous benefits for quite a few students.

Here are a few quick points to consider:

1) Guitar lessons in-person can get expensive
2) You usually have to commute to such lessons
3) Your local area might not have any good teachers once did a post about ‘what your guitar teachers don’t tell you’ and it proved quite controversial. However, it highlighted some critical points you should consider

What really qualifies someone to be a teacher?

Anybody can claim they’re a guitar teacher.

Anyone can throw an ad on Craigslist saying they’re awesome at teaching guitar.

Someone can be a great guitar player without being able to teach.

You might have a best friend in a band who does great solos, but can he structure lessons?

A lot of teachers just provide lessons for some extra income, so they don’t really know the best ways for students to learn.

Are you able to teach me more than the basics?

If you’re hoping to be more than a beginner, then local teachers might not take you past the intermediate stage.

If your current teacher doesn’t have any advanced students, then chances are that you aren’t going to become one yourself while working with that teacher. That sounds harsh, but the logic holds up if you think about it.

A lot of folks actually get convinced that many teachers actually hold back their students. If you taught someone everything that you already know, what would keep them coming back for more? Business thinking might play a role in this, because if they get to be too good, then they no longer require your lessons.

Ask a teacher if they plan their lessons.

The answer is often ‘no.’

Most guitar teachers don’t plan your lessons out until they’re on the spot.

If you actually think that local guitar teachers map out plans for their students, think twice.

Can they teach you songs?

This might actually be the very worst things about lessons in-person.

Regrettably, your teacher isn’t likely to know how to play a lot of songs, much less teach them. You could go find the sheet music and even go over it with your teacher, but if you’re expecting your teacher to break the song down into parts, going over each part in detail so you can learn how to play a specific song, then it’s not likely to happen.

Solve all these issues with online lessons!

guitar-lessons-step-by-stepIt might seem like local guitar teachers and in-person lessons are being painted a bad picture here.

In fact, those teachers not teaching online but are still good teachers are likely to send some blowback to this site.

However, online guitar lessons wind up being the solution to many problems that local guitar teachers present, and there are numerous benefits on top of that.

Here are a handful of factors to keep in consideration about learning guitar online:

-World-class instructors are accessible
-You can save a lot of money each month
-You can access unlimited numbers of lessons

So, what is the final verdict?

Learning something like guitar online lets you save money and gives you access to lessons of the highest caliber.

So, how do such lessons work? And where do you get started?

One great thing is that you can usually get going for free, so you have the chance to see if this kind of learning suits you well. Read more about the guitar lessons

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