Guitar Tricks Review

Guitar tricks are arguably the largest and most popular guitar lesson website since it started operating in the year 1998. And today, it is thought by many people as the best platform to learn to play the guitar online, from certified and professional instructors. The learning format is largely video-based, with some short instruction bits that are normally less than 10 minutes in length. Many people often wonder, is guitar tricks the best online platform to learn the guitar? Being a veteran guitarist who has played the instrument for several decades, I have gone through the ins and outs of guitar tricks to bring you their full story. Before I share my guitar tricks review, here are some of the features that this platform offers:



1. More than 8,000 lessons with others being added on a daily basis

2. More than 500 songs that you can learn, which is twice as many as what their closest competitor has

3. You will learn songs from Jimi Hendrix, The Beatles, The Eagles, Pearl Jam and many others

4. An industry-leading musical learning system that offers step-by-step instructions for beginners

5. An advanced technique library for the professional guitarists

6. More than 40 guitar instructors who are there to cover every guitar style.

7. High-definition lesson videos that feature detailed 3-angle views

The Guitar Tricks Review

To break down the review, I will highlight the most important aspects that made me settle on guitar tricks as the best website to take guitar lessons online. These aspects include effectiveness, cost, ease of use, proven reputation, money-back guarantee and real user reviews.


1. The Ease of Use

If you are going to learn your guitar lessons online, it is imperative that the lessons be easy to comprehend and the platform is easy to use and navigate. Just like any other beginner, I started by signing up on the site and was ready to take my guitar lessons. Once I had familiarized with the site, I quickly jumped into the core learning system to get some insight on the fundamentals of learning the guitar. All these were very easy to find because the menus are not only well-organized but also clearly labeled. You will easily know where to start even when you have never held a guitar in your hands. The Core Learning System section covers left and right-hand techniques, the tricks of tuning your guitar and an introduction to playing the chords. The videos on this website feature a marvelous High-Definition resolution and the on-screen diagrams help as you play along.

Another impressive aspect about Guitar Tricks is that their lesson videos tend to load much faster than what I experienced on other competitor websites. This implies that this is a company that put in a lot of effort to make certain that all their servers can stream videos with minimal load times. Generally, the Guitar Tricks website and learning system are the easiest to use of all other online guitar lesson websites. At no point will you find yourself scratching your head looking for something or trying to pick up from where you left off.

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2. Effectiveness

Another crucial aspect of online guitar lessons is the nature and level of their effectiveness. So the question here is, do Guitar Tricks have a learning or teaching process that works? What I noted from the time I spent with this site is that they have not left any stone unturned. They literally cover everything that you will need to hone your guitar skills. This is obviously expected due to the fact that they have been at it longer than any other company. Apart from the techniques and styles available for a learner, there are also numerous learning tools that will aid an individual in becoming a better guitar player. While all other online guitar lesson websites cover the various styles and genres of music, what really matters is the manner in which they are taught, and Guitar Tricks undoubtedly excels in that.

Guitar Tricks has instructors who are extremely detailed in their explanations so you will never be left hanging or confused about a certain style. Moreover, the instructors are also straight to the point so you will never get bored or lose interest in learning the guitar. The effectiveness of an online guitar lessons website can also be determined by the ease of tracking your learning progress. With guitar tricks, you will have nothing to complain regarding the ease of tracking your learning progress because all lessons are systematic, you can easily pick up from where you left off and better yet, you have the freedom to learn at your own pace.

3. Cost

If you’re planning on taking an online guitar course, you will probably look at the cost first before you can embark on anything else. The popular notion among people is that good education is priceless and should be availed to anyone who needs it. However, it often seems like good education must always come at a high cost. No other online guitar lessons website beats Guitar Tricks with their prices. What you will experience on this platform is the epitome of affordability. Unlike other websites that charge extremely high prices for their lessons, Guitar Tricks is completely affordable and you won’t have to break the bank to complete a course with them.

4. Their Proven Reputation

Guitar tricks is a website that has been in business longer than any other person. From having a well-designed website to offering the best online guitar lessons, guitar tricks have a huge reputation which is all attributed to what they do and offer. Many people use this site and it is currently the number 1 choice for any person who wants to learn to play the guitar or hone their guitar skills.


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