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Top 3 Best Electric Guitars For Small Hands

Last Updated on August 12, 2022 by Play Guitar Notes

One of the most versatile, affordable, and popular instrument you can get as an enthusiast or a dedicated musician is the guitar. When it comes to electric guitars, there are no one-size-fits-all options. However, most of the available product selections are made the suit a wide range of performers’ preferences such as size, and shape. However odd it might be, the size of your hands and the length of your fingers will largely determine your experience playing the electric guitar.

Electric guitar players with small hands might experience various challenges as they work to develop their sound and style. Some may even have a hard time reaching the chords, moving their thumb around the fretboard, and gripping the neck of the guitar. Such hurdles will certainly impede their ability to produce the intended sound or attaining the preferred speed for manipulating the guitar chords, which could be downright frustrating. Nonetheless, small hands should not discourage anyone from pursuing their craft.

Buying The Right Guitar

Purchasing a guitar with a short stock length can help the guitarist reach all the frets better. While you may generally have fewer frets, the reduction in the notes options will be worth it in enhancing the experience, so that you get the most out of your guitar. The options discussed below are exceptionally suited for electric guitarists with smaller hands, and give you a premier musicality and workmanship is compact packages.

1 – Gibson SG Special

The Gibson SG Special is 24 ¾ – inches long guitar (scale length) with 22 frets. It’s a bit shorter compared to the traditional electric, which makes it ideal for players with small hands. Additionally, it has a uniquely designed horned double cutaway that essentially makes it easy to reach upper frets. Ideally, there’s also a proprietary “Tune O Matic” bridge and the action set is set quite low out of the box, letting you adjust it in order to suit your needs. You also get the same tonewoods on the SG Special as the original Gibson SGs of almost 50 years ago, meaning the sweet smooth vintage tone remains unchanged. This is undoubtedly one of the best electric guitars in the market for small hands.



2 – Classic Vibe ‘50s Stratocaster

Indelibly linked to its Fender identity, the Classic vibe Stratocaster gives out a clear, bright, vintage tone, that has a powerful sustain even when played with a lot of distortion and crunch. The pole pieces are staggered in on the onboard pickups, which helps to improve the balance between strings. The 21 fret set up as well as the 9.5-inch radius neck essentially makes it ideal for players with smaller hands compared to the other Fender models. The guitar looks undeniably vintage, with its double cutaway shape, which also serves to ease access to high frets. Costing just under $400, it delivers not only a high value but also high quality.



 3 – Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar NOS 3


This is an exacts replica of Cobain’s famous guitar, with a solid body made of alder, a rosewood fingerboard, a neck of maple, complete with a combination of tonewoods to give you the iconic ‘90s grunge sound. This electric guitar is also modified in similar ways as Cobain modified his guitar, with an upgraded Adjust-magic bridge, a vintage tremolo, and a 2 DiMarzio humbucker pickups all in a modern package. The pickups are the DP100 Super Distortion in the bridge and the DP103 PAF style in the neck. Its 3 stage control setup has knurled knobs with a distinctive 4-ply brown shell pickguard and body shape. The vintage look is complemented by a New Old Stock finish.



Having small hands should not be a deterrent to playing music. Keep in mind that the most important aspect above all is the guitarist, and how they intend to deliver their sound.