Washburn WD25S Guitar Review

When it comes to starting out as a guitar player, you’re going to need an instrument you can actually depend on upon and enjoy playing. One of the most common practices when it comes to buying a first guitar is to spend as little as possible. The general thought is that if you can stick it out and continue to show interest in learning to play, that a more expensive model will eventually be worth a purchase.

Good Quality

What many people don’t realize however is that the poor quality of cheaply made guitars makes them so difficult to play and lacking in the tone that using them is more of a chore than anything. This is often counter-intuitive, making a lot of potential guitarists give up since it just doesn’t sound good and their instruments are clumsy to use. It’s actually worth it to invest just a little more in a good quality instrument so that there’s really enough reason to keep playing it. With that in mind, the Washburn WD25S dreadnought acoustic guitar makes for a fantastic “first instrument.”


The dreadnought body style is a classic that innumerable guitar players start out with. While it lacks a cutaway that gives you better access to the higher frets, the extra wood gives, even more, a resonance that will help you settle right into the full, shimmering tones that make people covet the acoustic guitar in the first place. Anything beyond the 15th fret is mostly for a show when played traditionally, but you can easily make use of the higher frets when combined with a slide. This is a great instrument for playing country, folk, blues, or even classical on. Of course, there’s nothing stopping you from using it to learn all of your favorite hard rock, metal, and punk riffs either!





Affordable Price

The WD25S retails for an affordable price alone, but you can spend up on additional on various bundles. Many of these include a lot of useful items such as guitar stands, travel bags, a hard shell case, cleaning cloths, a clip on tuner, picks, and extra strings. When purchased separately, you might end up paying even more overall, so the bundles definitely represent a good value. At the very least, you should definitely consider opting into the set that includes the gig bag for safer travel (and a means of keeping your guitar relatively free of dust.)

Made With High-Quality Materials

As for the instrument itself, the aforementioned price nets you some notably high-quality materials. For instance, the body has a solid spruce top made from Sitka, with rosewood backing and sides. The bracing is comprised of scalloped Sitka to give you a bit of easier fret access. The nut and saddle are made of bone, and the fretboard itself is high-quality rosewood. You’re also going to get D’Addario EXP 16 phosphor bronze strings equipped on the guitar from the factory. Once you double check that the instrument is in tune, it’s going to sound great straight away.