Jackson Guitars

Founded in 1980 by a man named Grover Jackson, the brand “Jackson Guitars” has come a long way.

This manufacturer provides a range of bass and electric guitars.


jackson-guitars-logo-white-and-blackWhile working at Charvel’s Guitar Repair store, Jackson mentioned the idea of setting up his business. Wayne Charvel had promised assistance for Jackson’s time and in the end sold his store to the budding entrepreneur (1970s). This was when he was able to take a guitar to Randy Rhoads in 1980.

It was at this stage; he was able to release the name of his business as Jackson Guitars.

The guitar was made under the Charvel brand until it became apparent the design was far different to anything being sold at the store. This was when it became clear the best solution was to go with the Jackson Guitars label. The assistance of Randy Rhoads, Mike Shannon, and Tim Wilson was needed to build the guitar.

In the modern era of his business, Grover Jackson has gone on to do millions in business and is well-received as a top-notch guitar manufacturer. The popularity of this brand has reached new heights and is sold under an Asian label. Grover Jackson has also gone on to do a range of side projects to help guitar companies around the world with their designs.

HIs expertise has helped grow the business and spread the wealth of his knowledge in the industry.

List of Guitars

The brand has a long list of guitars that have been released and/or are in production.

These guitars have been created under the vigilant eye of Grover Jackson and are well-regarded for providing value to some of the finest musical artists in the world. These professionals include the likes of Scott Ian, Corey Beaulieu, Adrian Smith, and Phil Collen.

1) Rhoads
2) King V
3) Kelly
4) Dinky
5) Warrior
6) Soloist
7) Monarkh
8) Demmelition V
9) Juggernaut
10) Dominion
11) PC1
12) T-1000
13) KV6
14) KV7
15) Death Angel
16) Death Kelly
17) Surfcaster
18) Roswell Rhoads
19) Star
20) PC Archtop
21) Double Rhoads
22) Demon
23) Xtreme Rhoads

These are important guitars that have added tremendous value over the years and continue to be a robust fit for a range of musicians.

It’s important to note Grover Jackson’s company takes custom orders based on what clients are in search of. These requests are put through, a


nd the design team works on them at the facility.

Design Themes

What are these guitars renowned for?

Jackson guitars are well-regarded for having a modernistic, sleek look that’s ergonomic. These guitars are heavily popular among metal and hard rock artists.

These guitars are equipped with shark fin inlays providing a robust aesthetic to the instruments. These are added to provide a rugged look to the guitar that stands out. The same design has been used by several other companies after it was popularized in the 90s.

These guitars have a distinct pointed head that’s visible from afar.