Yamaha Guitars

yamaha-logo-white-and-blackThe Yamaha Corporation is one of the most prolific and innovative international brands. Involved in the manufacture of products, Is regarded as a great choice for any musical instrument. Having been in the industry since the 1800s has successfully reflected Japan’s socially and culturally focused initiative with its “Kando” objective which means “an inspired state of mind.” Currently, Yamaha is one of the most reputable and popular musical instruments brands.

They began making musical instruments in 1887, with the first instrument being an organ. However, the company itself begin 1897 as the Nippon Gakki Corporation, and Tarakusu became its first president. This was the same individual who made the organ in 1887. In 1900, the company expanded its line of instruments with the piano.

Since then, their line of products has widely expanded, and the company has grown to become one of the world’s largest manufacturer of musical instruments. Besides musical instruments, it’s also a leading producer of semiconductors, audio/visual products, and other computer related products, home appliances, sporting goods, specialty metals, furniture, industrial robots, and machine tools.

Their entry into other lines of products came with a fair share of criticisms, with some critics claiming that since the company has interests in a wide range of products, they don’t do any of them well. Although the claim is highly subjective, it’s not necessarily true. For instance, There acoustic guitars are quite popular, and are renowned for their quality, and are regarded as some of the best acoustic guitars in the market today.

Yamaha’s line of acoustic guitars includes the 20, CPX8, CJ12, S70A, FG 325, and the F310. Keep in mind that other models exist, and it’s best to check your favorite music store to check them out.yamaha-fg700s-guitar

In 1966, the company established the Yamaha Music Foundation, which has generated quite a lot of music activities throughout the world, including the Junior Original Concert and the Yamaha Music Schools. Such strong commitment to support and promote music in the international scene defines their culture and ideally sets them apart from their competitors.

A lot of artists love and play Yamaha guitars. Amy Abdou, Chris Henderson, Clayton Gibb, David Levita, Mark Oakley, Michael Herring, Peter Hayes, and Take 6 are just some of them.